12 de June de 2019

What is a smart contract? | Diego González

We've already talked about the importance of digital transformation for companies in 2019. One of the key points of this transformation is blockchain technology, which you might have heard about more[…]
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10 de June de 2019

See you in SaaStr Europe 2019!

The second edition of SaaStr Europe will be held on 12 and 13 June 2019 in Paris. More than 2,500 SaaS executives, founders and entrepreneurs will meet for two days under a halo of large-calibre[…]
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05 de June de 2019

Blockchain on tour. Blockchain technology applied to my business

As we have already told you in previous entries, in Docuten we have already been working on a development line based on Blockchain technology. This technology promises to revolutionize many aspects[…]
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10 de April de 2019

Docuten's makeover

 In Docuten we have opted for technological transformation since the beginning, and this time, it is our time to get a makeover.
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11 de February de 2019

What has the blockchain achieved in the last 10 years?

On January 3, 2019 Bitcoin celebrated its tenth birthday. A decade in which the first decentralized cryptocurrency in history, despite the ups and downs of recent months, has consolidated itself as a[…]
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07 de January de 2019

Enxendra expands its line of business with the purchase of Besepa

Enxendra Technologies buys Besepa, a Spanish fintech dedicated to simplifying banking processes between companies. At Enxendra we work every day to improve our product, Docuten , and to offer you the[…]
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14 de December de 2018

Nortempo finds in Docuten a digital solution: “We have calculated an approximate saving of about 100,000 euros”

Nortempo is a company that, since 1991, is dedicated to the provision of human resources services and organization for other companies.
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13 de August de 2018

Digital Single Market, breaking digital borders with the European Union

We live in the age of technology and communication and, with it, companies can rely on these fields to grow and evolve. Digitization is a reality that is under development. In this unknown universe[…]
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03 de August de 2018

Developing blockchain solutions in a legal framework

  A few months ago we told you what is and how blockchain technology works . We also told you about the importance of continuing our Research and Development, specifically within the framework of[…]
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11 de July de 2018

Changes implemented in the SII

On July 1, 2018, the new version of the SII, 1.1., came into force, reflecting some changes with respect to the previous version.
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09 de July de 2018

What is PEPPOL and how does it work?

PEPPOL, Pan European Public Procurement Online, is a network of electronic distribution that facilitates the transport of electronic invoices to companies both in the public and private sectors.
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05 de July de 2018

FACeB2B: the service that is already available will extend the use of electronic invoicing in Spain

The Ministry of Finance and Public services launched on June 30th FACeB2B, A platform that stands as a General Point of Entry for Electronic Invoices between companies. With Docuten, you will be able[…]
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18 de June de 2018

Enxendra attends the CEF eInvoicing Event organized by the European Commission

On Tuesday, May 29th, Docuten attended in Brussels the event “How e-invoicing is connecting Europe"
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22 de February de 2018

Up to 6.000€ in fines if your company does not comply with the SII.

Not issuing your registrations on time to the SII is now charged with monetary penalties of up to 6000€.
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12 de February de 2018

Docuten is not an EDI solution. This is why.

Electronic Data Interchange, also known as EDI, represent a group of solutions which facilitates the exchange of documents between computers in a standard electronic format to their clients and[…]
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25 de January de 2018

How to correctly send an electronic invoice to the Spanish public administration

Step by step survival guide: ¿How does e-invoicing work? Terms such as electronic invoicing or e-invoicing are increasingly becoming common procedures for SMEs, freelancers and big corporations. An[…]
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13 de December de 2017

What the future of e-Invoicing market in the United States looks like

THE UNITED STATES IS WORKING TOWARDS A TECHNICAL ELECTRONIC INVOICING STANDARD.  The e-invoicing industry has expanded its horizons within the last few years. Specifically, in the United States, more[…]
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11 de December de 2017

Enxendra attends the 2017 conference organized by the GS1 UK in London

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06 de November de 2017

The first European standard for electronic invoices has been approved and presented to the market.

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